Tarseal Services in Auckland

Tar sealing Services 

If you are looking for a quality driveway sealant, there are a wide range of options. However in our experience, tar sealing provides the most cost effective results with a great finish. If you want to tarseal your driveway, Auckland Asphalt Repair has you covered. We provide top-notch tarsealing services for pavements, roads, driveways, car parks and more. 

We can treat any surface with high performance tarseal Auckland customers can rely on. We can lay and tarseal any driveway using our professional equipment and our years of experience in the asphalt laying industry. Asphalt is a hardy substance, but requires proper protection and maintenance to ensure that it lasts. 

Complete Protection

Asphalt can be damaged by gasoline and oil dripping from your car, which is why a proper asphalt sealer is needed to ensure that your surfaces are fully protected. 

We apply the tar sealer evenly to reduce pavement porosity and to improve the durability of your driveways. It forms a thick, protective film over your asphalt, making it resistant to the weather and to cracking. It also reduces the occurrence of potholes in your pathways.

Extend the Life of Your Pavement

Driveway and pavement deterioration is unsightly and greatly affects the kerb appeal of your home. A poorly maintained driveway can affect the value of your property and the presence of potholes and cracks can also cause accidents, damaging your vehicle or even injuring people who might trip on your driveway. 

Regular wear-and-tear can strip away the sealant and leave your asphalt exposed to the elements. It is therefore important to seal your pavement regularly to prevent cracks. 

A few coats of tar sealant can greatly slow the rate of deterioration and extend the life of your pavement. It is a cost-effective, preventative maintenance method to maintain the beauty and durability of your driveways and pavements. 

Auckland Asphalt Repairs have years of experience working in the asphalt-laying industry, giving us an edge over the competition. Our professional asphalt sealing services are available for both new driveways and old surfaces in need a fresh coat. 

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