Asphalt Repairs and Solutions in Auckland

Quality Hand Laid Hot Mix

For quality driveway or asphalt repairs, Auckland Asphalt Repairs have your back. Our high-quality, hand-laid hot mix offers superior durability and longevity for a smooth, bump-free driveway, car park, or other outdoor surface. If you are looking for a company who can provide quality driveway repairs Auckland wide, look no further than Auckland Asphalt Repairs

Over 70% of the world’s asphalt is used in the planet’s roads. It’s proven to be the go to, hardwearing surface covering of choice around the globe. Auckland Asphalt Repairs can deliver high quality asphalt solutions on time and on budget. Find out how affordable asphalt can be with a free quote today. 

We lay our hot mix by hand to ensure that the job is done thoroughly to our high standards. Our precision and attention to detail ensures that we get the job done right the first time around. 

Our experienced team can bring our know how to your next residential, commercial, or industrial site. We’re happy to discuss the solutions for laying your asphalt, or repairing and maintaining your asphalt surface.
asphalt and driveway repairs in auckland

Complete Service

Our years of experience allow us to handle all projects, from laying down new roads to repairing potholes, cracks, or other issues. We conduct driveway repairs all over Auckland, servicing homeowners, commercial and industrial clients alike.

From kurbing, driveways, and car parks, Auckland Asphalt Repairs are your complete asphalt contractors. We ensure that everything from the preparation through to the laying by hand of the hot mix, and the sealing is done to our rigidly high standards. Auckland Asphalt Repairs stand by, and on, our track record of delivering high standard, competitively priced asphalt. 

A smooth road that is free of cracks and potholes is also a safe one. Repairs can prevent damage to your vehicles and minimise the risk of accidents. When the wear and tear of daily use begin to show on your asphalt, Auckland Asphalt Repairs can reseal, resurface, and restore your asphalt to our standards. Our asphalt maintenance is second to none. No job is too small or too big. Contact our experienced team for a free quote today.

Asphalt Driveways

We specialise in laying and repairing asphalt driveways for your home, business, or industrial facility. We use high-quality hot mix that is carefully prepared by hand to ensure a precise and clean product. 

Professionally mixed, installed, and finished, our asphalt driveways are a durable solution to your hard-surfacing needs.


Auckland Asphalt Repairs ensures the longevity of our asphalt surfaces with our professionally applied tarseal. This pavement surface treatment is evenly sprayed onto your outdoor surfaces to ensure a long-wearing finish.

Tarseal seals and protects your asphalt surfaces. It prevents them from chipping, weathering and from developing cracks and potholes.


Auckland Asphalt Repairs can provide a range of kerbing services suitable for a vast number of applications. From creating parking spaces to providing additional protection for your landscaping, our kerbing offers a durable, hard-wearing surface that provides a solution for your driveway or road pavement needs.
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